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Wild Times


In 2022, a total of 16 works were selected from an incredible 1,681 entries submitted from 96 different countries - the highest number of submissions received in the history of the festival. The final selection of films is made of of many high quality films telling unique stories, evoking powerful emotions, tackling mature themes and challenging the animation medium.



Super Humans
Impossible Dreams
Young Ones

Celebrating a decade of animation at Cartoons Underground, we had an exciting line up of 13 carefully chosen films from over 1,000 submissions from 83 countries, and 5 student films from Singapore. Exclusively for our 10th year, we looked back with five films that our audience loved from past editions.

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I love you too
asian focus
oh memories...

Pandemic year brought Cartoons Underground international online! 5 day festival featured panel discussions, 360 world to explore, and jaw dropping films carefully selected out of 1,321 entries submitted from 88 different countries.



Braided: interview with animation director Chenxi Zhang

By estherlussier | November 7, 2023

Read an interview with Chenxi Zhang, animation director of “Braided,” a film in the Cartoons Underground 2023 Film Festival Programme.

My math teacher is a robot

Brainwashed By Robots: An Interview with 2021 Story Lab participant Luther Chuah

By cartoonsunderground | September 19, 2022

We speak with Luther Chuah, a participant of Animated Visions: Story Development Lab 2021. His project pitch “My Maths Teacher is a Robot?!” received a Special Mention in the Story Lab. 

Luther shares his experiences at the lab, how the mentors’ feedback helped him improve his story, and also why it’s important to write with a clear audience in mind.

It’s A Love Story Baby Just Say Yes: An Interview with 2021 Story Lab participants Simone Tam, Kimberly Wee and Wai Zi Ying

By cartoonsunderground | September 12, 2022

The Animated Visions: Story Development Lab aims to help participants develop their animated project ideas into a fully realised pitch with a concrete logline, treatment and character biography. There, participants will have the opportunity to receive one-to-one feedback from award-winning filmmakers Jerrold Chong (Finding Pictures) and Harry and Henry Zhuang (Weaving Clouds) on how to…

Must-Read September Animation News!

By Priscy Dora | September 2, 2020

This corona phenomenon might be sticking around for awhile eh? Keen on getting in on some thriving animation news from around the world? Cartoons Underground has got you covered with only the best of animation events from all around the world. We’re covering everything this month from new animation shows to artists showcases. So strap…

Meaningful Animations: touching stories for #PinkDot12 and MyQueerStorySG

By estherlussier | August 28, 2020

A few weeks ago, we shared a beautiful animated video of 3 powerful stories in 3 different animation styles that shared the struggle and created awareness of LGBTQ+ real experiences. We promised you we’d have an interview with our Director of Communications and Animator, Jerrold Chong to follow shortly and here it is! Jerrold was…

Animation 101: Athira’s Guide

By Athira Suresh | August 21, 2020

Animation 101: Athira’s Guide to Taking Animation One Step (or Keyframe) at a Time! Here are some tips and tricks to get you thinking about how to get started in the magical world of animation