Kachang Puteh VS Popcorn

What goes well with beer and alcohol?
Bar snacks, duh!
So should we go nostalgic by serving Kachang puteh, a famous snack from the 80s, at Cartoons Underground?
Should we serve the classic and well-loved movie going snack, Popcorn ?
How about both?
After the afternoon downpour, Shalini and I made a visit to one of Singapore’s last few Kachang Puteh stalls situated right outside Peace Centre.
Kachang puteh means “white nuts” in Malay but actually comprises of a variety of different nuts and crackers. This includes regular peanuts, sugar-coated peanuts, steamed peanuts, steamed chick peas etc.
A popular snack in the 80s, the local kachang puteh man would stuff the cone shape packaging made of old exercise books or newspaper with your favourite snack.
$1 for a cone of your favourite nuts or crackers seems like a good deal.
This is a dying art form though and the one at peace centre is one of the last few that’s up and running in Singapore.

Kachang Puteh man and Shalini from a dog’s perspective
Anyway, bringing the dog to the Kachang Puteh stand was a good idea as the Kachang Puteh man became more friendly.
After much talk in Tamil and a few barks, he agreed to sell us Kachang Puteh at Cartoons Underground.
So what do you think?

Kachang Puteh or Popcorn or Both?

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