Cartoons Underground 2012 was a major hit. With a large crowd of over 250 people, the festival was entertaining, raunchy and great fun.

Amazing crowd, people even stood by the road and peeked over the railings to catch the show

Amazing crowd, people even stood by the road and peeked over the railings to catch the show

It was one of those magical moments when there were triple the amount of attendees than Facebook RSVPs. A rare moment of greatness and true reflection of this country’s hunger for different kind of animation. Most came from a full day at Siggraph, exhausted and thirsty for a cold glass of beer. They wanted some thing different, gritty and raw. The crowd was amazing and there were even people standing by the road peering in to watch the action!


We premiered several films for the first time including “Factory” by Jennifer Yew, “Friendly Fire” by Tripp Yeoman and more. Several of the directors were present to indulge in Q&A session and share their personal experience with their films.

Animators, artists, movie-goers, beer drinkers, students, parents and everyone under the sun came came together on the 29 of November 2012.

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Cartoons Underground begin

The festival began in a really chilled out and relaxed manner. People ordered their beers, got their seats and enjoyed the original comic art by Bad Dog that was placed around Home Club. The work by Bad Dog is not for the conservative; featuring original comic work for cult icon Larry Flynt’s Hustler magazine.


Hand drawn and inked, Bad Dog’s work featured tentacle monsters, superhero  Marilyn Manson and iconic porn stars as heroines in questionable outfits and positions. Not for the faint of heart.


Bad Dog

We started the festival with a short speech by Patrick and myself and allowed the animation to speak for itself. It began with the well-loved “Laser Girl” by Diana Tantillo followed by Cartoon Network badass, Christy Karacas’ “Bar Fight”, “Masks” by Patrick Smith and more.


The crowd roared with laughter at Colleen Cox’s “Wrong Number Singapore”. The short film was based on a real phone call made in Singapore. The spontaneity, hilarious expressions and subtitles hit right home!

Watching intently

The after party was taken indoors in Home Club where the animation shorts were screened with the DJ playing in the back.

What a great night!

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