Patrick Smith, co-founder and advisor of Cartoons Underground, and co-writer at ScribbleJunkies Blog, started exploring different types of sketchbooks from artists from all around the world. Looking into these Epic Sketchbooks we see more personal work from these artists and get to know their thought process and them as people in a more intimate way. Thanks Pat for sharing these Sketchbooks!

Here’s some rad stuff.. Tommy Kane is an artist who travels to similar places as myself, particularly in Southeast Asia.  He just my be my new favorite sketch artist… there’s no way I could post all the images I wanted to here, so please stop by his blog. His drawings also are accompanied by some really great writing, some truly wonderful observations. Faith restored.

Angkor_lions_Lo2 AngkorGATE_LO2 CAMBODIA_D_LO Cambodia_E_LO2 Ktrain1 ktrain2

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  1. Rebecca Payne on September 2, 2016 at 5:58 pm

    wow…love his work; he is my sketchbook hero

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