I had the utmost pleasure to interview Bobby or as some of you might know him as YiXiong. I’ve been obsessed with his hamster  guinea pig character since last year. His guinea pig is just too adorable, and hilarious, just look at him go through his daily struggles in life or playing his favourite video game. You can totally identify with it!

You can check out his works of his Ogapadoga guinea pig here: 


Can you tell us about yourself in a short paragraph?

Dear Ladies,


Dear Everybody,

First of all Thanks Vicky for interviewing me. Now I feel like a celebrity. Hi my name is Bobby.  It is my super hero name, just like Batman. I am a mammal. I draw all the time. My life goal is to try and live as long as I can. My dad taught me how to draw but I am better than him. I’m starting yoga next week and I’m so excited.


What inspired you to explore art?

It is the only school subject that I have a  A star distinction. The other subjects are very scary. I remembered during O levels I was so scared that I squirted urine. (Oh dear….)


What or who inspired your work of the hamster series? Is the hamster you draw an avatar of yourself?

Ogapadoga is a guinea pig. Guinea pigs are like potatoes with hands and legs. I cannot explain the feeling but I can feel it inside my heart. They are not like hamsters who are small and fast and cause me a lot of anxiety when I look at them. Guinea pigs just sleep all day and mind their own business. I love guinea pigs with all of my body. If you don’t believe guinea pigs are cool you better get a life now or they will chomp your head off.


Can you name three artists that inspires and share how their work inspire?

Alfonso Wong is my favorite artist. Old Master Q just do his daily stuff and jokes arises. Aliens kidnap him, boulders fall, massive car accidents, ghosts appearing for no reason. He is a legend. I will donate my kidney to him if he ever needed it.

Richard and Maurice McDonald of McDonald’s. The first time my mouth sink into a Filet-O-Fish I felt it is a great work of art. They also turn you into a chubby if you eat enough of it. They have so many outlets across the world that if Aliens come and visit us they will think it is the symbol of our world.

The folks who created Banana in Pyjamas. It is a show that you can watch with your friends and stay up all night chatting and getting wet about bananas and 3 bears.


What are you currently working on?

By now, we all understand that I am making a website about a guinea pig. But they have one small weakness: super scary real live ghost stories. Since my website is all about guinea pig –the good and the bad—I must now start working on a few real live ghost stories related to guinea pigs.

I’m sorry.


If you could have a super power, what would it be?

To transform into a pillow. First you can sleep wherever you want. Second you will not die when hit by a car or fall from a building. If you understand what the heck I’m talking about, then you have to go and thank your pillow for being a superhero.


What do you like about Cartoons Underground?

Basic Reasons why you should attend Cartoons Underground.

  1.  It is Underground, the government doesn’t know where you are on this day.
  2. You can drink Popcorn and Beer
  3. It will teach you about cartoons


Basic Reasons why you shouldn’t attend Cartoons Underground

  1. You are a moron
  2. You think you are very mature and feel that cartoons are only for kids.
  3. You have a curfew impose by your parents because you are a baby


Thanks for reading!


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