Epic Sketchbook: Tia from Singapore

Patrick Smith, co-founder and advisor of Cartoons Underground, and co-writer at ScribbleJunkies Blog, started exploring different types of sketchbooks from artists from all around the world. Looking into these Epic Sketchbooks we see more personal work from these artists and get to know their thought process and them as people in a more intimate way. Thanks Pat for sharing these Sketchbooks!



This is such an amazing city, and to see it captured in the pages of the sketchbook stokes my artistic fire!!  Tia is a buddy of Don Low, previous epic sketchbooker. dang.

“View of Singapore River from Boat Quay where it used to house the old godowns and warehouses. Now this area is a ‘must visit’ place for the tourists. The bumboats at the left which used to transport goods in the past have been transformed into bumboat rides for the tourists. I was sitting at the outdoor dinning area of an Indian Restaurant in the hot Sunday afternoon. They only came at around 5.30pm to do the table settings and I had to leave. The waiter told me they open from 11.30am in the week days but only open at night on Sundays. The customers are normally tourists and business is not very good”.-Tia  5438877930_e4986622ee_z 5485564535_2977744ed3_z

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