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JustSaying SG: Cartoons Underground A Showcase of Promising Animators

The 3rd edition of Cartoons Underground held at CANVAS on 7 December held in the evening to night showcased local and international independent animation shorts to the public. The event consisted of two parts including a portfolio showreel presentation session to industry leaders by young independent animators followed by the annual festival screenings. Read more here.

The Straits Times: ‘Zombie’ found on the MRT

Ms Kong Yee Rou needed a zombie. But no ordinary zombie would do.

The then-student at Lasalle College of the Arts knew her graduation project, an animation short film, had to feature her favourite scary creature, the walking undead.

“I had an artistic block. I knew the style I wanted, but didn’t know what face or body to draw,” she says.

Ms Kong, 23, is inspired by the sweet-grotesque look of Tim Burton films, as well as the stop- motion style of ParaNorman (2012). She did what art students do when they are blocked creatively: she sketched.

“I sketched around my school, everywhere. I turned people into zombies to get my creative juices flowing,” she says. Then she found her zombie on the MRT, in the form of a teenager with “punk rock hair”… Read more here.

The Straits Times, the English flagship daily of SPH, has been serving readers for more than a century, and is the most-read newspaper in Singapore.

Inside Singapore: Not for the kids.

“Singapore’s first underground animation festival Cartoons Underground showcased some of the best independent animations from around the world, with a majority of films in the screening list previously restricted in Asia. But if you’ve missed the “mind-blowing” and “raunchy” (as described by organisers Vicky Chen and Patrick Smith)shorts, here are a few for your viewing pleasure.” I-S Magazine.

“Inside Singapore” is the city’s most popular lifestyle publication, published twice monthly and featuring the most trusted dining, retail, tech, travel and wellness coverage in town. If you want to stay up on the latest trends or find out about the best upcoming events, look no further.

I-S app is FREE and is was awarded the Best App in the Asian Publishing Awards 2012.

Download the magazine to find out more about the latest lifestyle trends in Singapore here.

Red Dot Diva: Cartoons Underground Festival Throw the Spotlight on Local Artistic Talent

This niche animation festival focused on locally-created cartoons is back in town for the third time this year. However, this is the first time Red Dot Diva has actually heard of it. It sure sounds like a unique event that highlights the works of not yet well-known but very talented individuals based on Red Dot Island. Read more here.

Festival Director, Vicky Chen’s interview with National Critics Choice.

Arjun Chatterjee’s, Director of Home, interview with National Critics Choice.

Festival Director, Vicky Chen’s interview with Bruce at Atom Comics.

Arjun Chatterjee’s, director of Home, interview with Bruce at Atom Comics.

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