Young Talent: Bobby Yi Xiong

I had the utmost pleasure to interview Bobby or as some of you might know him as YiXiong. I’ve been obsessed with his hamster  guinea pig character since last year. His guinea pig is just too adorable, and hilarious, just look … Continue reading

Epic Sketchbook: Liz Steel

Beautiful pages form Australian artist Liz Steel.

Sydney based architect specialising in media projects, who is also an obsessive sketcher. Since discovering watercolour in a field kit in 2006 she has not stopped painting her life in her sketchbook. Her architectural background gives her an analytical and conceptual approach to art.


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Patrick Smith, co-founder and advisor of Cartoons Underground, and co-writer at ScribbleJunkies Blog, started exploring different types of sketchbooks from artists from all around the world. Looking into these Epic Sketchbooks we see more personal work from these artists and get to know their thought process and them as people in a more intimate way. Thanks Pat for sharing these Sketchbooks!

Happy New Year

We hope your celebration, hopes and dreams of 2015 came true, if not, then let’s welcome in 2016 with open arms and a refreshing change. 2016 is an exciting time for Animation with a list of must watch movies which … Continue reading