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25 November - 8PM (GMT+8)

the future of monetization in animation

The digital age has democraticzed the way creatives can earn a living.

We know about the power of collecting ad dollars from streaming services like Youtube, and the latest NFT craze in the Crypto world of animators and artists selling the work for millions.

The rise of OTT players in Asia, original IP creation and licensing as well as merchandising continues to play a role.

But where do you start ? And can you really make a living out of it? Hear from the experts and futurists who have done just that, and lets take a look into the future of monetization in the Animation industry.

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Panelists & host

Profile Picture ChiSim


Chi Sim is the founder and CEO of Omens Studios, a CG animation studio based in Singapore with offices in UK and Malaysia. As an Executive Producer, he works with different creative talents in the development of long and short-form content, and is also responsible for the financing, production and commercialisation of media content.

George Gally Radarboy panelist

Radarboy3000 is a creative coder, data and generative artist from South Africa, now living in Singapore.

His work is inspired by computational art, and the aesthetics of the dance music scene. Stripped of excess details, his monochromatic minimalist art attempts to find meaning and beauty in collaboration with the machine.

He is also the founder of the world's largest Crypto Art Event, Crypto Art Week Asia, and of the generative NFT collectible, The Mad Hatter's Club, one of the biggest projects on the Tezos blockchain.


patrick smith_square


Patrick Smith is known for his metaphorical hand drawn short films, as well as his experimental stop motion films. His formative years were spent as a storyboard artist for Walt Disney, and animation director for MTV. Smith is a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and a fellow of the New York Foundation of the Arts.

His 2019 Oscar qualifying film “Pour 585” has been viewed over 130 million times, placing it as one of the 15 most watched independent animated shorts in history. Currently Smith lives in Montauk New York, and makes short films full time.



co-founder & festival director cartoons underground

Vicky Chen is the co-founder and festival director of Cartoons Underground, she is what Singaporeans would call a chili padi – a tiny, fiery pepper that packs a real punch.

At just over five feet tall Vicky has lived and worked in 4 countries across Europe and Asia, crossed the arctic circle at 23, started an AI business, and contiues to champion an award-winning female empowerment non-profit organisation, SheSays Singapore.

She currently works at leading programmatic ad-tech company at MIQ whilst running Cartoons Underground.

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