Cartoons Underground 2021: 10th Edition

Golden durian awards & nft drop

27 Nov, 8PM (GMT+8)

Concluding the festival with the announcement of the winners of the Golden Durian Awards

Cartoons Underground's first NFT drop by Mojokoworld & ArtJelly on Opensea of 10 limited editions!


Film Programme

Celebrating a decade of animation at the 10th anniversary of Cartoons Underground !

We have selected an exciting line up of 13 carefully selected films from over 1,000 submissions from 83 countries, and 5 student films from LASALLE College of the Arts and Nanyang Technological University (NTU) which will compete at the Golden Durian Awards!

Exclusively for 10th birthday is a look back with five films that our audiences had loved over the last decade!


7 day festival schedule

No matter where you are in the world, there is lots to do during the festival!

Network and hear from the experts around building a career, monetisation nd education's role in Animation.

Missing the cinema? Catch in-person movie screenings of Tatsumi and CU 2021 Film at *SCAPE Gallery in Singapore!

Visit the Cartoons Underground in collaboration with Crypto Art Week Asia Gallery in the Metaverse!

Previous Editions

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I love you too
asian focus
oh memories...

Pandemic year brought Cartoons Underground international online! 5 day festival featured panel discussions, 360 world to explore, and jaw dropping films carefully selected out of 1,321 entries submitted from 88 different countries.

Look at us
Focus on Women
Adventure Time

in 2019, we had 1,416 entries from 80 different countries. There were many great entries this year and it was tough to pick the final 19 films. Many of these were hand-drawn animations which conjured up evocative and  believable worlds.



Different Worlds
A Word Please

in 2018, we received over 1,500 entries from 90 different countries! The selection process for this year was tough, as we received tons of films with high standards of story-telling and craft. We were proud to showcase the final 21 selected films and hand out the Golden Durian awards to the winners.

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Cartoon Blog

Latest News and Interviews

‘Drunker than a skunk’ by Bill Plympton

By cartoonsunderground | November 24, 2013

Featuring Oscar Nominee Bill Plympton ‘Drunk like a skunk’.  This film is an adaptation of Walt Curtis’s poem, ‘The Time The Drunk Came To Town And Got Drunker Than A Skunk, Or So He Thought.’, about a Cowboy town that torments the local drunk.[youtube=]Bill Plympton animated  a music video for Kanye West‘s “Heard ‘Em Say” and “Weird Al” Yankovic‘s “Don’t…

“Breadheads” by Cody Walzel

By cartoonsunderground | November 23, 2013

This year we will be featuring Cody Walzel’s “Breadheads”. This beautiful and twisted short features starving soldiers who divide a measly last meal. Suddenly, they receive an unexpected knock on their door, only to find their sick allies at their base. When the refugees turn to bread people, the battle between hunger and humanity begins.…

“Junkyard” by Hisko Hulsing

By cartoonsunderground | November 22, 2013

[youtube=] “Experiencing his work is almost like taking a leisurely stroll around a gallery of paintings, whilst someone recalls the most engaging of stories in your ear. Part of you wants to stop, pause and take in the majesty of the visuals, whilst the rest of you is whisked away, caught up in the twisting…

Cartoons Underground 2013

By cartoonsunderground | November 22, 2013

Are you ready for more mind-blowing animation to rock your socks?! Indulge yourself with booze, cartoons and funky music on 5th December (Thursday) at the Artistry! This year, we are excited to have renown pop-cult artist Mojoko design our poster! You might have seen his works at the National Museum of Singapore, Kult Magazine, Singapore Art…

Cartoons Underground 2012

By cartoonsunderground | July 26, 2013

[youtube=] Cartoons Underground 2012 was a major hit. With a large crowd of over 250 people, the festival was entertaining, raunchy and great fun. It was one of those magical moments when there were triple the amount of attendees than Facebook RSVPs. A rare moment of greatness and true reflection of this country’s hunger for…

Join 500 other people on our Facebook!

By cartoonsunderground | July 9, 2013

Join us at Cartoons Underground Facebook Group! Watch us as we build Cartoons Underground from the ground on our Facebook Group page. Feel free to post anything related to obscure art to quirky short animation clips. Our Facebook Group is the place to be to view exclusive trailers and artwork. Cheers, V