20 to 27 November

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Film selection for Cartoons Underground 2021

13 works are selected from 1,119 entries submitted from 83 different countries. 5 student films from LASALLE College of the Arts and Nanyang Technological University (NTU), will compete for the Best Singapore Student Animation award.

'This year's student directors challenged longer narratives,' says Tan Wei Keong, Programme Director of Cartoons Underground. He mentions the documentary film 'Full Circle' by Yeow Su Xian, that has a runtime of almost 10 minutes. 'Most times, audiences prefer a short and concise story, but in this case, its film length worked extremely well in observing the beautiful relationship between the Moon and the Earth.'

Celebrating the 10th anniversary at Cartoons Underground, the 'Best Of' selection consists of 5 films that our audiences had loved over the last decade.

International Competition 1

Super Human

drawn undrew draw by Angel Wu

drawn undrew draw

Angel Wu (Taiwan)


Q1: Why did you draw?
Q2: How did you begin to draw?
Q3: Why did you stop drawing?
Q4: How did you go back to draw?
Q5: Will you draw on?


A drawER, who graduated from Taipei National University of the Arts in 2020. “drawn undrew draw” is her very first time doing drawing during her college life, she was trying to be a drawER. Her works have been selected for Annecy International Animation Film Festival and World Festival of Animated Film Zagreb.

The 7 Kids by Marina Karpova

The 7 Kids

Marina Karpova (Russia)


The funny trick story based on "The Wolf and the Seven Young Goats" fairytale.


Born in 1972 in Minsk, Belarus.
1992-1997: Studied at the Belorussian Academy of Arts, major: Animated Film Directing (thesis film “White Fang”).
2001-2011: Wrote and Directed over 40 commercials and several television shorts and music videos.
2011: Animation Instructor at European Humanities University in Vilnius, Lithuania.
2005-2013: Director, screenwriter and art director at the “Big Animation Studio Pilot” in Moscow.
2014-2019: Director and screenwriter at Soyuzmultfilm Animation Studio.

Alona by Kea Xie


Kea Xie (UK)


There is only a little boy on the planet, Alona, a lonely planet full of aurora.


Kea Xie (Yichia Hsieh) is a Taiwanese animator currently based in London. She has intelligent observation and narrative ability. She has a high quality of rhythmic sense for mastering motion images. This makes her work have a broad vision and borderless creativity when transforming abstract meaning into visual symbols. Skilled in After Effects, TV Paint, Animation, Motion Graphic and Character design.

DON'T THINK ABOUT HER by Liza Desyatkova


Liza Desyatkova (Canada)


The spiraling journey of man who can’t stop thinking about his ex-girlfriend.


Liza Desya is an artist who experiments with different styles, technologies and absurd humour. You can expect her to always bring the unexpected to every project she works on. Currently residing in Vancouver, she works professionally as a Technical Director for an animation studio.

International Competition 2

Impossible Dreams

DING (Thing) by Malte Stein

DING (Thing)

Malte Stein (Germany)


Haunted by a lithe thing, a man gets driven to the edge.


Born 1981
2007-2013: Studies of Animation in University of Film and Television "Konrad Wolf" Potsdam-Babelsberg, Germany
2005-2006: Studies of Filmscenario and Dramaturgy in filmschool "Filmarche" Berlin

The Visit by Morrie Tan

The Visit

Morrie Tan (Singapore)


A young girl visits her father in prison. The glass in-between would never separate them anyways.


Director/Writer Morrie Tan (b. 1994) graduated with a BA (Hons) in Animation Art from LASALLE College of the Arts in 2019. She has a passion for creating and producing stories that are genuine, often drawing inspiration from her own experiences. “The Visit” is her directorial debut, and a story that is close to her heart. Her film was awarded 'Best Animation' and 'Best Art Direction' at National Youth Film Awards 2021 (Open Youth Category), and has been selected for various international film festivals such as Encounters Film Festival and Taichung International Animation Festival.

manman by Chia Wei Lin


Chia Wei Lin (Taiwan)


The bug terrarium was knocked over.


21 year-old female. Born in Taiwan. Major in animation at Taipei National University of the Arts.

I Wish by Nadia Goldman

I Wish

Nadia Goldman (Russia)


Marina really wants to sleep, but it's not that simple.


1992, Moscow. VGIK Olschwang workshop "BALL"

Singapore Student Competition

Young Ones

Boyz Will Be Boyz by Nur Abdul Rashid

Boyz Will Be Boyz

Nur Abdul Rashid (Singapore)


The school studs, aka. Xiao Ming and his gang of brutes, disrupt a peaceful school afternoon by wreaking havoc and chaos in the classroom.


Hello! My name is Nur Abdul Rashid. I am an undergraduate bachelors student from Lasalle College of the Arts. I specialise in 2D animation and digital painting, incorporating elements from my childhood into my art. My hobbies include filmmaking, storywriting and making fan art of films and musicians. I wish to contribute my skills as an animator/illustrator in a team and to get some work experience in my field of study.

A Fish For A Friend by Javon Chan Yi Da

A Fish For A Friend

Javon Chan Yi Da (Singapore)


A boy is fishing at a lake with his father. He tosses a fish over to a bear cub struggling to catch its own, then it keeps coming back for more...


Javon is an illustrator and animator based in Singapore. He enjoys using vibrant colours and strong dynamic lighting to bring his characters and scenes to life. His works are mostly inspired by the vast world of nature, as well as animals, especially small fluffy animals, actually, just small fluffy animals.

You Were Like The Moon by Eiris Lu

You Were Like The Moon

Eiris Lu (Singapore)


A poetic recount of a nameless girl's experience with grief and loss as she come to terms with the passing of her mother, to her mother.


Eiris is a fresh graduate from Lasalle College of the Arts who chose animation as a medium to tell stories. Having a great interest in the human psyche, she loves to observe the world around her to gain an understanding on why things are as they are. She aspire to create films that tackle difficult topics in an honest but gentle way that can resonate with people, no matter who you are.

Tankboy by Novella Lian


Novella Lian (Singapore)


When Kevin’s tears become never-ending, he decides to put a tank on his head.


Novella is an Indonesian filmmaker, animator and illustrator. She loves to make cartoons that explore human emotions, empathy, and magic. In the future, she wishes to make films in her cozy home-studio.

Full Circle by Su Xian Yeow

Full Circle

Su Xian Yeow (Singapore)


The Moon and Earth’s relationship encountered through a sleepless night. Stories of 20 experts and enthusiasts in the field construct the narrative.


Yeow Su Xian (Shu) is an illustrator and designer from Singapore who works in various traditional and digital media. Her animations are often passion projects that extend from her still drawings and personal interests. She absolutely loves cats.

Best Of 10 years Cartoons Underground


A Brief History of Time by Davier Yoon and Joshua Tan

A Brief History of Time

Davier Yoon and Joshua Tan (Singapore)


A modern take on Zbigniew Rybczyński’s “Tango”.


Way back in 2013, CraveFX was created to realise a dream of creating vibrant animated videos with memorable, entertaining characters. Today, that same dream is shared across talented, versatile teams in two cities and remains as lucid as ever. Crave’s passion for quality motion has spurred the studio’s exploration into diverse mediums like motion graphics, visual effects, and most recently - interactives in the online space. The studio approaches each new project with a mindset of play, learning and exploration, and is always looking out for the next great story to tell.

NightHawke by Spela Cadez


Spela Cadez (Slovenia)


A badger lies motionless on a local road. A police patrol approaches the body in the dark. They soon realize that the animal is not dead; the badger is dead drunk! When the police attempt to drag the creature off the road, he wakes up and things take a strange turn.


Spela Cadez was born in Slovenia 1977. After graduating in Graphic Design in 2002, she continued her studies at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne, Germany. During her studies she made two puppet animations that gained international recognition: “Mate to Measure” (2004) and “Lovesick” (2007). Since 2008 Spela Cadez has been working as an independent animation director and producer. Her previous film “Boles” has been screened worldwide, receiving 50 awards, distinctions and nominations.

A Fly in the Restaurant by Chen Xi

A Fly in the Restaurant

Chen Xi (China)


In a restaurant in China, the waiter tries to swat flies while a number of diners eat their food.


Chen Xi once worked as a TV animation director and an independent director. He is currently a lecturer in Beijing Film Academy. In 2010, he is awarded the Special International Jury Prize in Hiroshima International Animation Festival. He is the international jury member of NCAIAF 2016.

Awesome Beetle's Colours by Indra Sproge

Awesome Beetle's Colours

Indra Sproge (Latvia)


Awesome Beetles Color Dirty Elephant. Five Gorgeous Hippopotamuses Inspire the Jaguar. Kangaroos Like Marmalade. Naughty Octopuses Photograph the Queen. The Royal Spider Teaches an Unhappy Vampire. Warriors X-ray a Yellow Zebra.


Indra Sproge writes, illustrates and directs her works like “Teach me, Rhinobear” and “Awesome Beetle’s Colors”.

The Growth by Sarah Cheok

The Growth

Sarah Cheok (Singapore)


An ambitious young boy is eager to grow up so he can experience the world outside of his kelong in the middle of the ocean. Eventually, he musters up the courage to persuade the old man but was faced with disapproval. Being young and ambitious, the boy decides to go anyway.


Sarah Cheok is an animation filmmaker who is passionate about all things animation. She loves designing and creating imaginary worlds while constantly striving for more opportunities to learn and experiment with the art form. Sarah is a graduate of the BA (Hons) Animation Art programme at LASALLE College of the Arts. Her film The Growth has been showcased locally at Cartoons Underground and Digicon6, winning the Best Singapore Student Animation, and the Next Generation Award respectively. The Growth has also been screened at various international festivals including Indie-AniFest, International Animation Film Festival of Catalonia, and the Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film. Sarah is currently art directing an upcoming animated series with Finding Pictures.

Viewing Advisory

International Competition 1: Super Human | 18 mins | General
International Competition 2: Impossible Dreams | 21 mins | General
Singapore Student Animation: Young Ones | 33 mins | General
Best of 10 Years: Retrospective | 28 mins | General