Cartoons Underground 2012

The first edition of Cartoons Underground!

We were proud to present Singapores first ever underground animation festival in 2012. Looking back on this year, it was the beginning of many great things. Our festival has grown tremendously from these early days. We will always treasure the support for all our early backers. Most of all, we have eternal thanks to all the animators who submitted their films for this first edition!

At the time, animation was still very conservative in Singapore. Some of the works we received really broke new ground in terms of quality and subject matter.

Cartoons Underground 2012 was a landmark even in the Singapore arts scene.

Cartoons Underground Presents

Film Selection


Moon Child

Sara Chong and Yanyun Chen

Yanyun and Sara are illustrators and animators from Nanyang Technological University (NTU). Sara is currently studying in The Florence Academy of Arts while Yanyun is a lecturer at NTU.

Laser Girl

Diana Tantillo

A recent New York University Tisch Asia graduate, Diana’s Laser Girl is Cartoons Underground official opener.



Christy Karacas

Christy is a director and writer, known for Superjail! (2007), Space War (1997) and Robotomy (2010).



Thomas is a german animator who has worked on movies including Bee-movie, Puss in Boots feature and Ratatouille.


Darcy is part of the Oh Yeah Wow is an award winning creative house that simply love making content. They have worked with bands and brands like Gotye, Slash, Woolworths, Aloe Blacc and Wax Tailor.


Patrick Smith

Patrick is an international award-winning animator from New York. Currently, he is working on PBS series Blank on Blank, featuring lost interviews with cultural icons, famous names and celebrities.

Friendly Fire

Tripp is an American animator, and game designer working in London. Friendly Fire is an interactive animation built using an Arduino micro-controller, encased in a military ammunition box, and  programmed in Processing.

The Wrong Number

Colleen is an animator and illustrator based in Brooklyn. Wrong Number Singapore recently won the Best Animation award at the first annual Scribble Junkies Festival of Drawn Animation that was held in Brooklyn, New York on Aug. 14.

Santa The Fascist Years

Bill Plympton

Bill is best known for his 1987 Academy Award-nominated animated short Your Face and his series of shorts Guard DogGuide DogHot Dog andHorn Dog. 


Music Scene

Anthony is an award winning director and animator living in Philadelphia who is well-known for his unique psychedelic style.


Mr. Coo

Nacho is a freelance animator from Madrid and is well-known for the character, Mr. Coo.


Love and Theft

Andreas is an animation director from Germany. At present, Hykade is working at his first feature-length film. He revealed that the film would revolve around the life of Jesus.

Fresh Guacamole


PES is an American director and stop-motion animator of numerous short films and commercials. Fresh Guacamole was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film.[1] It is the shortest film ever nominated for an Oscar.



Jen Woo

Jen Woo graduated from New York University Tisch asia. Factory is built all around a hand-drawn cycle and even carries the theme of “man-made.”

Rating Advisory

All Films | 56 mins | Rating M18 – Mature Content

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